Our decades of government-funded innovation provide a launchpad for revolutionary applications that can transform healthcare, dramatically improve safety, and evolve environmental solutions. The humanitarian and environmental domains bring together a wide range of our capabilities—such as sensing and perception; machine learning, modeling, and prediction; and human-centered design of products—to help people, protect animals, and preserve the planet.


We use AI and design principles to help protect species and ecosystems, particularly in marine environments. We have adapted computer vision and sensing technologies, originally developed for DoD applications, to detect and identify biological species and protect them from danger.

Disaster Preparation and Response

A broad collection of our technologies come together to provide tools for all stages of disaster preparation and response: assessing risk of a disaster, detecting threats to prevent a disaster, situational awareness during a disaster, and training to help people respond to a disaster.

Energy Efficiency

We use our modeling and prediction tools to develop applications to predict and optimize energy usage. These tools combine data-driven machine learning models with physical and probabilistic models to provide comprehensive predictions.

Human Well-Being

Charles River Analytics is improving people’s well-being using human-centered design methodologies and advanced technology. Our apps and devices are designed to provide health-enhancing products that fit the way people live and work.

Humanitarian and Environmental in the News

Our passion for science and engineering drives us to find impactful, actionable solutions.