Strengthens cyber resilience for your business

Strengthens cyber resilience for your business

Automated risk assessments
and mitigation plans

Identifying potential vulnerabilities in your ecosystem is a critical first step in understanding the risks that directly affect your business. Odineye’s security assessment mitigates against those threats to protect what matters most.

Odineye can scan an entire enterprise—mobile, web, hosts, and servers—to provide automated risk assessments and mitigation plans that are prioritized based on impact and lead to tangible cost savings.

Key Features

Next-Generation Attack Trees

Odineye uses next-generation attack trees to represent the attack space, quantify and analyze risks, and optimize actions and cost trade-offs. The result is intelligent mitigation, better coverage, and elimination of the uncertainty that comes with manual analysis.

Mitigation Optimization

Odineye analyzes the attack surface and determines the costs and risks associated with each vulnerability to ensure you address high-priority vulnerabilities first. Security teams are no longer overwhelmed by thousands of potential system vulnerabilities; you can effectively allocate limited security resources.

Extensibility and Scalability

Odineye is designed as an extensible and scalable system to handle evolving threats and novel vulnerabilities.

Intuitive Design

Odineye presents assessments and insights within interactive visualizations of your system and potential attacks to reduce the analytical burden on your security team. Odineye’s comprehensive reporting provides clear plans so you can take immediate action.


Odineye delivers the cyber resilience you need

  • Vulnerabilities and associated risks tied to individual system components
  • Prioritized list of cost-effective mitigations to increase cyber resiliency
  • Risk and cost optimization graphs
  • Mapping of individual mitigations to the attacks they protect against
  • Precise quantification of possible attacks and associated risks
  • Prioritization of response based on threat type

License Odineye

System requirements

  • Windows® 7, Windows® 10 operating system
  • Intel® Atom E3845 or better
  • Java 8 or newer