Technology-based therapeutic tools

We create content that is engaging, realistic, and motivational with the goal of assisting users in increasing their chances of successfully adopting targeted behavior changes. Our systems are also useful for clinicians wishing to provide patients with another tool for in-session and at-home practice of therapeutic techniques. In addition, users (both with and without clinical support, depending on the targeted therapy need) can still experience some of the social support they would with in-person groups. 

Featured Theraverse Projects


A narrative virtual reality (VR) tool that guides the user through a series of daily tasks while presenting cues that stimulate cigarette cravings. Users receive smoking-related cues (e.g., walking by a group of smokers) and experience common triggering events (e.g., their first cup of coffee, stressful work situations) so they can practice techniques to resist cravings in an immersive environment that feels much like the real world.



Nicotine vaping is associated with multiple adverse reactions including oral health issues, lung injury, and cardiac, respiratory, and gastrointestinal disorders. NO VAPE allows users to practice cognitive behavioral therapy skills gained in traditional therapy. It provides accessible, immersive, engaging, and ecologically valid practice, while motivating greater intervention adherence and satisfaction, removing many barriers to care access. NO VAPE is designed to enhance vaping cessation outcomes in chronic vapers who want to quit.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a chronic mental illness characterized by recurrent, intrusive thoughts, and/or repetitive behaviors that can cause debilitating anxiety or distress, significantly interfering with daily life. TROVE includes clinically robust, immersive, and engaging content that motivates continued use of therapeutic systems for patients with OCD. TROVE clearly communicates relevant patient and system information to the clinician to track patient progress and adjust the level of therapy exposure within the VR environment.

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CESSATION has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. HHSN271201700037C.

“Current methods for smoking cessation are effective, but the odds of relapse remain high. Our CESSATION app includes the standard clinical content (e.g., ways to cope with stress and cravings while staying motivated), but with VR we are trying to make this more fun, immersive, and accessible, both to widen the audience and to encourage more frequent and consistent use.

Dr. Bethany Bracken,
Principal Scientist and Principal Investigator on TheraVerse

Our passion for science and engineering drives us to find impactful, actionable solutions.