A predictive health and maintenance app for critical energy equipment

Probabilistic Operations Warranted for Energy Reliability Evaluation and Diagnostics (POWERED)

POWERED helps operators predict energy equipment reliability before an outage. We have proudly partnered with City Light & Power, Inc., provider of electric utility systems, on the POWERED effort.

Over time, the performance of energy equipment degrades. A power supply failure in a critical situation can have a serious impact to residents, commercial businesses, and local, state, and federal Government. Our POWERED app uses rich, modular probabilistic modeling to help operators determine the reliability of power supplies before a crisis occurs. During unexpected failures, POWERED also significantly decreases the cost of unexpected outages.

Photo of a electric power transformer on right and control center on left that is monitoring health of transformer
Our POWERED app helps maintain and protect power supplies.

“POWERED is a prognostic and diagnostic app for energy equipment that can help operators maintain power supplies and protect against future risks. Our POWERED app is driven by the Army’s overall vision of energy-informed operations that provide a reliable and uninterrupted power supply with improved operational efficiency.”

Sanja Cvijic photo
Sanja Cvijic,
Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator on the POWERED effort

POWERED includes a distributed network of continuous-time dynamic probabilistic relational models to accurately and efficiently diagnose and predict system- and component-level failures due to long-term degradation. We are building detailed models of energy supply health and status using Figaro™, our flexible probabilistic programming language.

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