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Adaptive intelligent training solutions

Train more people faster.  The world is moving fast, and you need a large workforce of skilled people ready to do their jobs. KWYN™ technologies put AI into your training program to accelerate skills acquisition and retention. Our suite of KWYN products fulfills the needs of the next generation of training; they are faster, smarter, and more optimized than older training methods.

Featured KWYN industry products



A virtual training system for medical and logistics personnel

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A mixed reality application suite for space situational awareness

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An adaptive digital flashcard app that integrates with existing courses

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An adaptive game-based training for aviation maintenance

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Virtual training applications that develop medical skills, systems that measure trainee performance within training systems, and research and enabling tech that can support and enhance any training program.


The KWYN MAGPIE Framework (now KWYN Engine) is an advanced training platform that guides students in highly interactive virtual environments, enabling nearly realistic experiences with electronics and maintenance procedures.

Backed by decades of research and development, we build KWYN technologies with integrity and a spirit of continuous improvement.

Key features

  • Adaptive intelligent training 
  • AI platform includes automated scheduling, scenario generation, content generation, and performance tracking
  • Simulation- and competency-based training
  • Ability to customize and personalize training for different learners
  • Quantitative measures of success
  • Customized fidelity along the pathway to learning
  • Integration with existing courses

Crucial benefits

  • Knows what you need when you need it
  • Accelerates knowledge acquisition and retention
  • Reduces human error
  • Enables faster decision-making
  • Facilitates personalized learning journeys
  • Reduces costs, increases return on investment
  • Fosters continuous feedback and improvement cycles
  • Provides objective assessment

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More efficient training

At Charles River Analytics, we develop training solutions with high quality and valuable results in mind. We consider user needs and customize solutions to optimize training and make it as efficient as possible. You get evidence-based adaptive solutions when the KWYN platform supports your training program. 

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