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Adaptive mission support and training

Train more people faster. 

The world is moving fast, and you need a large workforce of skilled people ready to do their jobs. On the job, the KWYN™ AI platform augments skills through intelligent guidance and coaching. During training, KWYN accelerates skill acquisition and retention. The KWYN platform drives the next generation of performance and readiness—our products and yours are faster, smarter, and perfectly optimized for delivery via multiple channels.

Featured KWYN industry products


Mass casualty training


A virtual training system for medical and logistics personnel

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AR/VR/XR training tool


A mixed reality application suite for space situational awareness

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An adaptive digital flashcard app that integrates with existing courses

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An adaptive game-based training for aviation maintenance

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Virtual training applications that develop medical skills, systems that measure trainee performance within training systems, and research and enabling tech that can support and enhance any training program.


The KWYN MAGPIE Framework (now KWYN Engine) is an advanced training platform that guides students in highly interactive virtual environments, enabling nearly realistic experiences with electronics and maintenance procedures.

Backed by 40 years of R&D innovation, we build KWYN technologies with integrity and a focus on continuous improvement.

Key features

  • AI for real-time mission support, intelligent help, and customized guidance integrated into operational systems
  • Library of AI components for simulation-based training, including performance tracking, real-time assessment, feedback, and after action reviews (AARs)
  • Enterprise training support, including automated scheduling, scenario and content generation, talent management, and performance optimization
  • Adaptive human behavior agents to drive realistic entities in simulation and training

Crucial benefits

  • Build and maintain situational understanding
  • Continually assess progress
  • Provide personalized feedback and guidance to achieve objectives
  • Build, maintain, and extend competency throughout training and operations
  • Foster continuous feedback and improvement cycles
  • Reduce human error, improve decision-making
  • Accelerate knowledge acquisition, retention, and application
  • Reduce costs, increase return on investment

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More efficient training

At Charles River Analytics, we develop high quality adaptive training and on-the-job AI guidance and coaching solutions with powerful and easily measurable results. On the fly, the KWYN AI engine considers user needs and customizes solutions to optimize performance, readiness, and efficiency. With KWYN adaptive mission support, your people get customized help that improves performance and decision-making with reduced supervisory costs. And with the KWYN AI engine supporting your training program, your people get evidence-based, intelligent, adaptive training. 

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