A systemic functional grammar application for design models

A systemic functional grammar application for design models

Grammar-Based Elicitation and Analysis of Requirements for Cyber Assured Systems Engineering (GearCASE)

GearCASE applies systemic functional grammars to increase cyber resilience under DARPA’s Cyber Assured Systems Engineering (CASE) program, which seeks to develop techniques that treat cyber resiliency as a first-class system requirement. The goal of cyber resilience is to avoid or mitigate cyberattacks. Rockwell Collins and Skaion are supporting this effort.

“Under DARPA’s CASE program, we’re automatically generating formally verifiable cybersecurity requirements—essentially eliminating vulnerabilities during the design phase.

Dr. Terry Patten
Principal Scientist and Principal Investigator on GearCASE

Charles River Analytics is building on our success under DARPA’s VET program, where sophisticated grammar formalisms from linguistics proved to be an effective, compact representation of the attack space. Under VET, these grammars were used to represent potential vulnerabilities of an existing system; under CASE, they represent potential vulnerabilities of a to-be-designed system.

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