Accelerate space domain
awareness training and operations.

At AMOS 2023, come experience KWYN™ SOLAR for yourself!
  • Say goodbye to the old 2D. Watch complex space domain awareness (SDA) concepts come alive with our interactive, extended-reality KWYN SOLAR tool.
  • Put on a VR or AR headset in our booth to test-drive KWYN SOLAR. Learn how it can help with space education and training.
  • Meet the experts. Ask our team all your questions about SDA tools.

Charles River Analytics will be at AMOS!
September 19–22, 2023

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KWYN SOLAR supports the understanding of 3D and 4D space concepts, including satellite structure, fuel consumption, orbital elements, conjunction risks, maneuver prediction and control, and other complex interactions.

KWYN SOLAR Short Course at AMOS

Hands-On, Interactive Astrodynamics Education in the Metaverse

Tuesday, September 19, 1–5 p.m.

Attend our short course and experience state-of-the-art space domain awareness using our KWYN SOLAR cutting-edge technologies.

Using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets, you will experience and learn about the fundamentals of space domain awareness. You will also grasp the basics of orbital mechanics, payload and spacecraft design, and command-and-control operations in an immersive 3D environment.

KWYN SOLAR is part of the Knows What You Need™ (KWYN™) suite of adaptive intelligent training solutions from Charles River Analytics. This extended-reality tool is also part of a wide range of products we offer in the space domain.

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Meet the team!

Headshot of Dan Stouch

Daniel Stouch

Principal Scientist and Director of
Space and Airborne Systems
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Rob Hyland

Principal Scientist and
Director of Program Transition
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Dr. Susan Latiff

User Experience Scientist
UX Innovation Division

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