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Senior Scientist Presents “The Connected Bicycle” during Series on Walking and Bicycling in an Automated Future

Dr. Michael Jenkins, Senior Scientist at Charles River, will present “The Connected Bicycle: Communicating with Vehicles and Infrastructure” during the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) hosted webinar series, Walking and Bicycling in an Automated Future. The discussion centers on automated vehicles and impacts on pedestrian and bicyclist safety and mobility, as well as how this emerging technology can support vibrant and multimodal communities.

Part I: The Promise and Challenges of Automated Technologies, August 16

  • Automated and Connected Vehicle Technologies, Promises, and Challenges (Justin Owens, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI)
  • AV’s Blindspot: Detecting Pedestrians and Bicyclists (Bernardo Pires, Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute – RI)
  • The Connected Bicycle: Communicating with Vehicles and Infrastructure (Michael Jenkins, Charles River Analytics)


Part II: Policies to Prepare for an Automated Future, August 31

  • City Perspectives on Connected/Automated Vehicle Policies (Mollie Pelon, NACTO)
  • Sharing, Electrification, and Automation: Policies for The Three Revolutions (Susan Handy, UC-Davis National Center for Sustainable Transportation)
  • Saving Our Cities from the Driverless Future: Impacts and Policy Framework for the Age of Autonomous Vehicles (Joe Iacobucci, Sam Schwartz)
  • Portland’s Smart Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (Art Pearce, City of Portland)

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