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S-CAPS Toolkit Provides Socio-Cultural Analytics of Complex or Denied Environments

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Charles River Analytics, a developer of intelligent systems solutions, presents a case study of Socio-Cultural Assessment from Passive Sensing, or S-CAPS. The S-CAPS toolkit provides passive sensing of socio-cultural variables in austere or denied areas of operation, allowing commanders to assess socio-cultural variables through the explicit, consistent, and ubiquitous monitoring of pattern of life (PoL) data. This allows for more effective planning and assessment ahead of counterinsurgency missions.

Under S-CAPS, Charles River developed a modeling toolkit for the aggregation and mapping of raw-sensor feeds into useful information, including the commonly desired political, military, economic, social, infrastructure, and information (PMESII) operational variables. It also created a sensor suite for the passive collection and analysis of information within a denied environment using low-cost, commercial, off-the-shelf sensing capabilities, which fuses various sensing modalities, such as video, audio, and seismic information.

The S-CAPS toolkit can fill a much needed capability gap in today’s mission planning and assessment workflow. Users can create a more accurate mission planning workflow, enabling operators to make data-driven decisions instead of relying on potentially inaccurate subjective assessments of unfamiliar environments.

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