A cyber defense tool that analyzes vulnerabilities

Game-Theoretic Reasoning and Analysis of Vulnerability (GRAVITY)

GRAVITY analyzes vulnerabilities and executes rich models of behaviors to reason about systems in a game-theoretic manner.

Under GRAVITY, we are researching ways to augment defenses with game-theoretic tools that identify vulnerabilities and quantify the effects. Our GRAVITY tool includes a game-theoretic engine that takes stakeholder and system models as inputs and computes possible vulnerabilities, adversary strategies, and defensive counterstrategies. This modeling enables analysts to identify, visualize, and prioritize vulnerabilities.

Threats are particularly challenging for the military’s strategic systems, which often depend on networked technologies or embedded systems. With GRAVITY, we are developing tools to analyze and respond to threats that exist in the gray area between peace and conflict.

Dr. Sevan Ficici, Senior Scientist  and Principal Investigator on the GRAVITY effort

Dr. Sevan Ficici, Senior Scientist at Charles River and Principal Investigator on the GRAVITY effort

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