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Charles River Analytics, developer of intelligent systems solutions, will showcase our adaptive intelligent training solutions at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH). At IMSH, we will be part of a global community that includes 3,000+ physicians, nurses, educators, administrators, technology specialists, and others involved in healthcare medical simulation.

Training tailored to the individual

Adaptive intelligent training optimizes the learning process by customizing content to the unique needs of the trainee. With our AI algorithms, training evolves to be more efficient over time, reducing costs and improving skill levels across your organization. Our training platforms empower the individual and the organization to deliver peak performance.

Listen to Dr. James Niehaus, Principal Scientist, explain our unique approach to adaptive intelligent training.

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EFECTIVE is the DoD’s first comprehensive system to train military personnel on medical care and logistics in austere, far-forward environments. EFECTIVE lets medical professionals safely visit—and revisit—a challenging environment, better preparing them for real-world scenarios.


Medical training for primary and secondary trauma assessment is vital to medical personnel. That’s why Charles River Analytics is developing MSTAT, a mobile application that lets users practice trauma treatment skills on virtual patients.

Virtual exercises help trainees master the rapid, critical decision-making needed to save lives, giving them the confidence to perform quickly when they face real-life emergencies.

Related Projects

We have applied our expertise in adaptive intelligent training to develop technologies that give users the power to author and generate immersive scenarios using AI agents that can act as virtual patients or teammates.



Military medics lack access to realistic simulations for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3). MARC addresses this gap with commercially available augmented reality technologies that portray realistic, virtual wounds overlaid on live actor patients.


VITAMMINS is a virtual intelligent tutor that improves the quality and efficiency of medical skill training by classifying a medical professional’s skills and adapting its training content to meet their unique learning needs

Tourniquet Master Training (TMT)

The Tourniquet Master Training (TMT) system provides training on the latest tourniquet technologies. TMT allows pre-hospital medical providers to practice using junctional tourniquets on manikins, improving medical efficacy and reducing training costs.

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