Toward Intuitive Understanding of Complex Astrodynamics Using Distributed Augmented Reality

Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference (AMOS),  Maui, HI (September 2021)

Stouch, D., Balasuriya, U., Hyland, R., Bird, L., Jenkins, M., and Kingsley, C.

Existing capabilities and future possibilities can help multiple users build an intuitive understanding of complex astrodynamics in a collaborative real time virtual environment using an augmented reality (AR) space domain awareness (SDA) framework environment. This paper shows a range of state-of-the-art human computer interaction (HCI) capabilities that explore how novel data visualizations and modern display modalities enhance space education and SDA. The authors explain how augmented reality will be used in the near future to help educators, students, space professionals, scientists, and policymakers better understand the complex astrodynamics of resident space objects in support of learning, understanding, and decision making by space enthusiasts. The authors also explain how to use the capability on a practical level.

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