Translating Clinical Vestibular Function Assessment Procedures to a Portable, Low-Cost, Virtual Reality Solution

Wollocko, A., Jenkins, M., Irvin, S., and Farry, M.

To be presented at the 2nd International Conference on Knowledge and Software Engineering (ICKSE 2015), Rome, Italy (December 2015)

Assessment of vestibular function in adult populations is typically conducted in controlled clinical environments by trained otolaryngologists using costly, specialized medical screening equipment. This limits the ability of first responders to carry out any sort of robust screening or triage for vestibular dysfunction at the point of injury, often resulting in a failure to recognize the subtle symptoms of vestibular injuries that can be present directly following a head impact or barotrauma. Responders need access to systems that effectively guide them through the appropriate vestibular screening techniques to support them in the diagnosis of vestibular dysfunction at the point of injury, and assist with the administration and future assessment of these procedures. To support this need, we have created a system that combines inexpensive commercial off-the-shelf hardware components with a flexible and customizable procedure administration and documentation framework to create a robust vestibular function assessment package.

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