Low-level Automation as a Pathway to appropriate Trust in an Intelligent PED Enterprise: Design of a Collaborative Work Environment

Jenkins, M., Wollocko, A., Voshell, M., and Farry, M.

Presented at the Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Applications (INTELLI 2015), St. Julians, Malta (October 2015)

In Military Intelligence, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) functions are critical to success. These functions provide an array of capabilities that support the entire lifecycles of intelligence requests. Advanced PED capabilities are becoming increasingly available to smaller, more-centralized teams supporting multiple battlespace operators. As the PED domain evolves and more distributed information requests are made relying on an increasing volume of Multiple-Intelligence (MultiINT) information, automation support has become critical to success. However, automated support and cognitive incongruence between existing automated solutions and the support required by analysts, resulting in a lack of trust in these “black box” capabilities. To overcome this and other current and future PED challenges, we present a Collaborative Work Environment, serving as a central software platform providing communication channels and tailored workflow support tools for PED operations. Integrated within these capabilities is automation support in the form of decision-centered analytics, that carry out low-level tasks in a transparent manner, reducing workloads and establishing the intelligent human-machine dialogues required to form appropriate attitudes of trust towards the system (e.g., avoiding overreliance). This approach has shown promise in supporting trust in the overall joint human-automation system, enabling the PED enterprise to roll out higher-level, planned automation capabilities to further offload PED tasks.

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