MAVERICK Synthetic Murder Mystery Dataset

Jenkins, M., Bizantz, A., J. Llinas, J., and Nagi, R.

Retrieved from the University of Buffalo, State University of New York (SUNY) Institutional Repository.

The MAVERICK dataset was originally created to support a series of empirical studies looking at the effectiveness of network visualizations at support information foraging and human sensemaking. This synthetic dataset is structured as a forensic mystery (i.e., the event has already taken place) that centers on solving a fictional murder that has taken place. The dataset is composed of a series of 181 text-based reports collected from various sources (including individuals and image sources of varying reliability). The reports are framed as being collected from the perspective of a reporter investigating the murder through interviews with suspects and observations of the site the murder. The dataset includes intentional and unintentional deception along with calculated source reliabilities based on available evidence.

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