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Charles River Analytics Teams with the DiSTI Corporation to Build UH-72A Virtual Management Trainer

The Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site in Marana, Arizona, trains maintenance workers to repair and maintain a fleet of UH-72A helicopters. Limited hardware resources made this training challenging, so the US Army decided to create a virtual maintenance trainer (VMT) that enables trainees to work on a realistic model of the aircraft. The VMT would include multiple workstations for students and instructors, providing a capability to manage a class of 12 at regular intervals. Scientists and software engineers at Charles River Analytics created an intelligent tutoring system as a key part of an overarching VMT solution developed by DiSTI Corporation, the prime on the effort.

“We developed intelligent tutor and procedure monitoring software for the student and instructor workstations,” said Sean Guarino, Principal Scientist at Charles River. “The software provides an advanced error tracking capability that dynamically classifies and reclassifies mistakes made by the trainees while rating their performance, providing guidance for improvement.”

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Charles River and DiSTI will be at the I/ITSEC conference from November 28 through December 2. Visit Booths #1159 and 2380 to learn more about VMT!

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