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Autonomous Lookout System

Maintaining proper lookout is essential for ships and uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs). Operational safety and regulations demand it.

Awarion®  is an Al and computer vision system that complements and supports human lookouts and marine radar systems. Awarion uses electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) video streams to detect, analyze, and report on the presence of whales, ships, and other objects, including fishing buoys and equipment.

Sensing for situational awareness

Human lookouts can suffer from fatigue and distraction. They require accommodations and resources.

Awarion’s algorithms never tire. They perform advanced analyses, including trajectory modeling and threat assessment. They transfer lookout duties from scattered watchpoints directly to the bridge.

Detecting what radar can’t see and acoustics can’t hear

EO and IR methods provide much greater detail and resolution than radar. With EO/IR, Awarion can see what radar can’t see, such as whale blow or surfacing, and can perform object classification. These capabilities are critical to enabling true USV autonomy.

Performance metrics

In testing on real-world data with targets at ranges up to 3 km


of detections


of detections

Ship classification


Flexible configuration

Situational awareness analytical software

The Awarion system consists of a core software component, which can be delivered as a standalone product or as part of an integrated camera system.

Smart camera with optional pointable mount

We offer a single, pointable camera designed to regularly sweep 360 degrees and autonomously deliver follow-up observations.

Simulated image from Awarion project by Charles River Analytics

Processing hardware

You can connect your own camera(s) to our processing hardware.


Multiple cameras with fixed views can have their output combined to form a constant 360-degree view.

AI maritime monitoring and
research services

Charles River offers AI monitoring and research services that use Awarion™ to deliver situational awareness at the sea surface, helping you to detect and classify whales, ships, fishing buoys, and other obstacles. We work with commercial offshore wind and development companies as well as government agencies that are using Awarion to enhance Naval situational awareness at sea. Contact us to learn more about how Charles River and the Awarion Autonomous Lookout System can help advance your maritime projects.

System requirements

Awarion hardware requires 120V AC power, an elevated position with a clear field of view and a railing or secure flat plate for installation, and cable penetrations or pass-throughs into a climate-controlled space for computers. 

Awarion supports standard Ethernet connections, and if satellite connectivity is desired, a clear area for modem installation is needed. Awarion software runs in Docker containers with Robot Operating System (ROS) and RabbitMQ messaging.

From the press

Popular Science awards Awarion one of the 50 greatest innovations of 2023

Autonomy you can trust

Charles River Analytics uniquely combines agile innovation and leading-edge research with a decades-long track record of hardened engineering in austere environments to create best-in-class solutions to diverse, challenging problems.

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