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Advanced Human Interfaces to Training Technology

Advances in training technology are exciting—it’s tempting to invest right away. However, if you don’t first assess the impact of the technology on training transfer, new technology can provide little benefit… or worse, it can interfere with learning and reduce performance.

By observing, analyzing, and measuring trainee and trainer decision making and behaviors, our scientists and engineers design intuitive, multi-modal interfaces that are empirically measured to effectively transfer knowledge to trainees and build their skills.

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VIRTUOSO is an interface to support natural human interactions in mixed reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality (MR/VR/AR) environments. Trainees can work independently because VIRTUOSO automatically assesses skill proficiency, but they can also receive feedback from expert trainers remotely observing their sessions. VIRTUOSO can significantly improve military medical training and education, such as combat casualty training.

VIRTUOSO is planned for Open-Source release in 2019.

View more examples of our Mixed Reality/Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality efforts.

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