OUR CORE R&D / These systems range from individual

autonomous robotic platforms to large-scale, multi-agent systems

for information management, command & control


These systems range from individual  autonomous robotic platforms to large-scale, multi-agent systems  for information management, command & control

Disaster Preparation and Response

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Disaster Preparation and Response

A broad collection of our technologies come together to provide tools for all stages of disaster preparation and response: assessing risk of a disaster, detecting threats to prevent a disaster, situational awareness during a disaster, and training to help people respond to a disaster.

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Virtual reality to enhance training for managing hazardous materials

Aerial photo of house rooftops in suburban community with tree configuration, vegetation and building materials identified and nearby wildfires depicated. A topographical map is in the background depicting fire locations.


A wildfire risk assessment and mitigation solution for homeowners and communities



A system to survey, detect, and localize nuclear threats in challenging and dynamic public spaces

Uncrewed aircraft systems using SCOUT algorithms can detect and classify objects in collected images, such as damaged property or flooded rivers.


A system to detect and characterize natural disaster damage


A system to track nuclear threats in urban environments


Visualization and collaboration tools for emergency response