OUR CORE R&D / These systems range from individual

autonomous robotic platforms to large-scale, multi-agent systems

for information management, command & control


These systems range from individual  autonomous robotic platforms to large-scale, multi-agent systems  for information management, command & control

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides tools and techniques that not only cause machines to behave intelligently, but also allow them to learn how to increase that intelligence. Machines with AI can augment human intelligence by performing challenging but monotonous tasks on our behalf, analyzing large amounts of data to find patterns and anomalies, and helping us make optimal decisions in complex, data-rich environments. At Charles River, we believe that AI-based systems designed to work effectively with humans will be the critical element that maximizes the impact of AI, so our design processes and research efforts center on designing and building AI-human collaborative systems.

Our AI approach and tools open new frontiers for the Government and business sectors, improving operations through improved performance of both humans and machines, reduced costs, and increased efficiency. Our best-in-class AI tools are developed, tested, and tailored specifically to the needs of each customer and project. Our expertise spans the full range of AI technologies—Machine Learning, Probabilistic Modeling and Reasoning, Human-Machine Teaming, Natural Language Processing, Planning and Optimization, and Autonomy.

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