Charles River Analytics Research Showcased at Conferences and Committees

In the second half of 2004, representatives of Charles River Analytics presented papers and led sessions at various conferences and committees. August AUVSI Conference August ICPR 2004 August NRC Committee on Human Factors September HFES Annual Meeting September AIAA Conference October AIPR 2004 December Winter Simulation Conference Charles River Analytics also sponsored the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society New England chapter’s conference […]

Charles River Analytics Sponsors NECHFES Student Conference

Charles River Analytics sponsored the New England Chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s student conference. The conference took place on November 12, 2004 at Tufts University in Medford, MA. The aim of the conference is to bring together professionals and students in human factors and ergonomics in the New England area, with a […]

BNet Developer Interviewed by ADT Magazine

Zach Cox, Charles River Analytics’ software engineer and chief developer of BNet.Builder™ and BNet.EngineKit™, was interviewed by ADT (Application Development Trends) Magazine in November of 2004. In this interview, Zach discussed Bayesian Networks and Charles River Analytics’ BNet® software. Belief Networks are powerful modeling tools for condensing what is known about causes and effects into […]

New Bayesian Belief Network Software from Charles River Analytics

BNet.Builder Provides Unprecedented Ease-of-Use Charles River Analytics today announced the launch of its new Bayesian belief network modeling software, BNet.Builder™. This desktop software offers a graphical user interface with unprecedented ease-of-use, and a unique Dynamic Update© feature that allows the visualization of changing causal relationships by showing users how changing the network affects beliefs in […]

Charles River Analytics Develops Bioterrorist Detection Architecture for ARDEC

Charles River Analytics has developed an Agent-based Terrorist Attack Prediction (ATAP) tool to support the Homeland Defense Initiative. ATAP was created for early detection of bioterrorism and successfully demonstrated the detection of Anthrax attacks in high-fidelity urban terrorism simulations. In continuing the development of ATAP, Charles River Analytics will enhance ATAP’s data retrieval capability in […]

Chief Scientist Leads Panel at Information Fusion Conference

Charles River Analytics Chief Scientist Dr. Subrata Das spoke on computational approaches to situation assessment in an invited talk at the Third Workshop on Critical Issues in Information Fusion. Information fusion, the process of bringing together the masses of raw data from sensors and intelligence reports into graphical representations, alert messages, and other formats that […]

Charles River Analytics Develops Surveillance Video Analysis Tool for DARPA

Charles River Analytics is developing Video Analysis for Nighttime Surveillance and Situational Awareness (VANESSA) for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been a demonstrated need for timely situational awareness, especially to quickly locate specific individuals and notify their location to central command. Using the requirements called for in […]

Charles River Analytics Research Showcased at Conferences and Committees

In the first half of 2004, representatives of Charles River Analytics presented papers and led sessions at various conferences and committees: January AIAA Aerospace Sciences Conference January IDGA Image Fusion Conference January NRC Committee on Human Factors March Emerging Robotics Technologies & Applications Conference March Conference on Human Performance, Situation Awareness, and Automation Technology April Defense & Security Symposium May BRIMS 2004 […]

Chief Scientist Delivers Tutorial at 7th International Conference on Information Fusion

Dr. Subrata Das, Chief Scientist at Charles River Analytics, delivered two tutorials at the 7th International Conference on Information Fusion, the world’s premiere conference on information fusion for Industry, Academia, and Defense organizations. The Conference has become particularly important as Information Fusion has become a technology focus for countries facing terrorist threats. “The future of […]

Charles River Analytics Develops Missile Defense Tool for the Naval Surface Warfare Center

Charles River Analytics is optimizing multi-platform sensor networks for the Missile Defense Agency (managed by the Naval Surface Warfare Center). Sensor Network Optimization using Multi-Agent Negotiation (SNOMAN) for Missile Defense is an adaptive system designed for the unpredictable environment in which missile defense takes place. While traditional sensor management is formulated according to a predefined […]

Charles River Analytics Expands Headquarters

Charles River Analytics has expanded its office space at its headquarters at 625 Mount Auburn Street in Cambridge. Gabrielle Accardi, Human Resources Director, noted that the company had outgrown its previous space and needed more room to house Charles River’s team of scientists, engineers, and support professionals. Charles River augmented its office space by 65% […]

Charles River Analytics Completes Taxiing Via Intelligent Gesture Recognition for UAVs

Charles River Analytics and The Image and Video Computing Group at Boston University completed development of the Taxiing Via Intelligent Gesture Recognition (TIGER) for UAVs project for the Naval Air System Command (NAVAIR). TIGER is a vision system designed to address the US Navy’s need to command Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) onboard aircraft carriers. With […]

President of Charles River Analytics Appointed to Air Force Scientific Advisory Board Study

Charles River President and Senior Principal Scientist, Dr. Greg Zacharias, has been appointed Co-Chair of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board Study of Human-System Integration (HSI) in Air Force Weapon Systems Development and Acquisition. The study will assess current HSI development and acquisition practices in the Air Force, and report out study findings and recommendations […]

Charles River Analytics Develops Tool for Incorporating Organizational and Cultural Criteria into Adversary Modeling of Social Networks

Charles River Analytics was awarded follow on funding to develop a software tool for incorporating Organizational and Cultural Criteria for Adversary Modeling (OCCAM) of Social Networks. OCCAM is an analyst decision aid that supports reasoning about cultural, organizational, and situational effects on individual and group behavior. This grant was awarded from the Office of the […]