Computer vision systems enable computers to automate repetitive visual tasks, freeing human experts to concentrate on higher-value activities.

VisionKit, Charles River Analytics' library of computer vision components, allows developers to rapidly prototype vision systems using our advanced technology. The components are written in C++, and are intended for real-time performance, while still offering a developer-friendly algorithm prototyping environment.

Features & Benefits

Callable from C/C++ on Windows

Use VisionKit® to quickly build systems that: 

  • Find targets
  • Automate surveillance
  • Recognize motion
  • Read signs
  • Navigate autonomously
  • Automate image and video noise/artifact removal
  • Enhance document images
  • Use inexpensive video cameras to create 3D records
  • Assist in video truthing

Enhance, segment, and classify:

  • 2-D images (such as IR, MMW, visible light)
  • 3-D data (laser-radar, stereo)
  • 1-D data (vibrometry, acoustic)

3-D models from multiple 2-D views

  • Automated volumetric reconstruction

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VisionKit is Available in Three Configurations:

1. VisionKit

VisionKit is a tool suite for developing real-time computer vision applications. It supports video acquisition, image analysis, and a broad array of other algorithm needs. VisionKit greatly accelerates system prototyping and development, reducing time and cost. Includes full documentation.

VisionKit 1.0 - $499.00

Contact for more information about purchasing a license.

2. VisionKit Plus

Includes above as well as installation support and custom solution analysis.

Installation Support

  • Complier environment configuration
  • Camera support
  • 3 additional technical support tickets (any combination)
    • Phone support for basic install help
    • Email support for basic install help

Custom Solution Analysis

  • Initial system mockup
  • Custom component identification and specifications
  • Full-deployment roadmap and quote for enterprise solution

VisionKit Plus - $1,299.00

Contact us for more information about purchasing a license.

3. Enterprise VisionKit Solutions

Each solution includes: Deployable, embeddable code that meets your functional and throughput requirements. Problem analysis & specification definitions. Collaborative process.

Object Recognition Solution

  • Domain specific image analysis
  • Object segmentation algorithm
    • Motion
    • Color
    • Geometry
    • Kinematics
  • Custom-built feature extraction system
    • Exemplar learning
    • Region properties
  • Custom-built feature classifier

Security and Surveillance Solution

  • Domain specific video analysis
  • Object tracking
    • Fixed camera algorithm
    • Moving camera algorithm
    • Image stabilization
  • VisionKit

    Activity classification (normal/suspicious)

  • Change detection
  • Forensic data retrieval

Navigation Solution

  • Landmark recognition
  • Obstacle detection
  • Map building
  • Path planning

Document Image Enhancement Solution

  • Noise removal
  • Exposure compensation
  • OCR preconditioning

Video Enhancement Solution

  • Noise removal
  • Exposure compensation
  • VisionKit video enhancement

    Motion compensation

  • Image stabilization

3D Reconstruction Solution

  • Structure from motion
  • Single-camera stereo

Enterprise VisionKit Solutions

Contact us to receive more information about purchasing an Enterprise Solution. 


*Prices exclude European V.A.T., local sales taxes, import duty if any, and postage. Prices are subject to changes without further notice.



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