Persona™ is an easy-to-use graphical tool that allows trainers to rapidly develop and execute sophisticated, interactive behaviors for virtual characters. This enables trainers to efficiently create new training scenarios or to adapt existing scenarios based on the skills and needs of a particular person or group being trained. Persona was originally developed under an effort for the US Army to create a training application to teach Soldiers mission-critical social and cultural skills.


  • Graphical behavior authoring tool allows you to create and customize characters, design behaviors, and model relationships
  • Cross-platform run-time engine manages virtual character execution, allowing training content to be created, modified, or removed while the system is running
  • Rich modeling capabilities for personal traits, socio-cultural relationships, emotions, animations, and speech create lively, believable characters
  • Support for multiple simulation environments including popular military simulation systems such as Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) by Bohemia Interactive



  • Reduces cost and required manpower traditionally provided by human role players
  • Eases authoring for rapid creation of customized training experiences
  • Enriches training programs with sophisticated, believable characters

Persona in Action

CAATEPersona provides virtual characters with rich, interactive behaviors for a variety of situations.

See how we've used Persona to enrich cultural training for the US Army with CAATE


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