Belief Networks are powerful modeling tools for condensing what is known about causes and effects into a compact network of probabilities. BNet® is a family of tools for building, using and embedding belief networks in your own software.

  • BNet.Builder™ - to rapidly create Belief Networks, enter information, and get results
  • BNet.EngineKit - to incorporate Belief Network technology into applications

BNet.Builder is a desktop application for rapidly creating Belief Networks, entering information, and getting results.

Use it to:

  • Quickly create graphical models of cause and effect
  • Easily incorporate past experiences
  • See the results of entering evidence about the current situation or hypothetical cases as you enter it
  • See how incoming data affects results in real-time
  • Clearly communicate how your model works

BNet.Builder's easy to use, easy to learn graphical user interface lets you create models quickly, without fussing with frustrating and time-consuming dialog boxes, edit and compile modes, nested menus, and other irritating features so common in other belief network modeling packages.

Features & Benefits

BNet.Builder is the first product to bring true ease-of-use to Belief Network modeling.

  • Dynamic Update - See beliefs as soon as you change your network in any way, including: entering CPT data, posting evidence, and deleting nodes or links. No need to compile, run, or update.
  • Easy CPTs - See the CPT as soon as you select a node. Enter data in probability tables:
    • Set multiple values in multiple rows at once using sliders
    • Drag and drop columns to group states with similar values
    • Copy and paste values from spreadsheets


  • Single Mode Interface - Build your network and see calculated beliefs in one single window, not in separate "build" and "run" modes.
  • Expandable Nodes - Use nodes to show information and to add information     
    • Show beliefs
    • Show evidence
    • Post and retract evidence
    • Add or delete states



System Requirements

  • Windows operating system
  • 1.5 GHz processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 40 MB hard-drive space
  • Internet connection for receiving updates (optional)

Note: the processor speed and memory capacity specified above are only recommended values, not minimum required values. BNet.Builder should work well for most networks with the above processor speed and memory capacity. Slower processor speed and smaller memory capacity will result in degraded performance. Faster processor speed and larger memory capacity will increase performance of BNet.Builder and allow for larger network size. 

Product Licenses

  • BNet.Builder for Windows $650.00


Support for BNet.Builder™ is available through our Support Package.

The BNet.Builder Support Package provides:

  • Access to technical support via email
  • Response within 1 business day
  • Priority on routine requests (such as re-installation and upgrades)
  • Access to Beta version Products, allowing you and your organization
    • Insight into coming product releases
    • A chance to influence product development
  • 10% discount on training and consulting
  • On-site visits at an affordable rate

Support Contracts

  • BNet.Builder Support (1 year) $165

To purchase a product license or support contract, contact us.

Prices exclude European V.A.T., local sales taxes, import duty if any, and postage. Prices are subject to changes without further notice.


Download User Manuals here



1-day introductory courses for using BNet.Builder are available. For schedules and prices, please contact us.


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