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What’s Coming Next in Mass Casualty and Trauma Training Solutions

Charles River offers virtual training applications to develop medical skills, systems that measure trainee performance within training systems, as well as research and enabling tech that can support and enhance any training program.

Are you looking for training with easy customization, scenario adaptation, and scenario generation? Do you have a greater need for remote, distributed learning? Our systems apply leading-edge R&D to deliver effective training that adapts to the trainee, can generate an unlimited number of scenarios, and can be used by medical personnel anytime, anywhere.

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We’ll cover our system to train medical personnel on care and logistics in mass casualty scenarios, our medical skill and training tutor that automatically adapts training content to meet individual learning needs, and our mobile solution for trauma assessment training.

These technologies are just a small sample of our healthcare support and training portfolio. To learn more about what we can do for your business, contact us or reach out to us during the demo.

Skills Training

Our skills training apps immerse participants in gamified environments that are realistically rendered with advanced 3D graphics. To develop these tools, we use the latest game engines like the Unity Engine, and we often develop and incorporate virtual and augmented reality (XR) interactions. The skills that our training programs target range from the highly specific, such as tourniquet application, to the most general, such as trauma injury diagnosis and treatment.

Featured Projects

Interested in training disaster response, mass casualty, and triage? High-level view of a scenario developed in EFECTIVE. The student is playing from the perspective of the Senior Medic, directing helper medics, allocating resources, and interpreting mission requirements to make decisions about casualty care.

Looking for adaptive, customized training for nurses? The medical simulation user interface was designed as a solution for the military medical domain, but is now used at Penn State to create scenarios and cues for trauma nurses.

Want to deliver unlimited customized scenarios on a mobile phone? MSTAT presents virtual patients in various scenarios so users can practice and receive immediate feedback


Other Projects

TMT – Trains the latest tourniquet technology

LASTS – Refreshes laparoscopic surgical skills

PROMPTER – Improves battlefield first-aid skills


Training Optimization

To optimize training, we measure physiological signals and the cognitive workload of participants in the training program to support adaptive curriculums perfectly tailored to each individual to optimize the time they spend in training.

MEDIC – Automatically senses indicators of cognitive workload

SOMBA – Standoff method for measuring physiological signals


Research and Enabling Technology

Our AR/VR authoring toolkit and prototyping platform can be used to generate immersive skill training and non-invasively track trainee states throughout their training.

VSDK – Flexible software development kit for ecologically valid XR training

Sherlock – Supports rapid prototyping of solutions that measure and track physiological, neurological, and behavioral state

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