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Charles River Analytics is an employee-owned small business, focused on developing advanced, agile, customer-focused solutions for increasingly complex human-systems challenges. For our Navy customers, we partner with subject matter experts, platform developers, and other technologists to deliver maritime solutions aimed at increasing Naval technological advantage.

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We are featuring the following tools and capabilities at Navy FST:


FA 18C Hornet

Intuitive User Interfaces for Task-Tailored planning (INTUIT)

We are developing INTUIT for Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS), increasing the usability of JMPS and the efficiency of operators with varying skill levels across a range of vehicles, contexts, and tasks.

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Crowdsourcing using Intelligent Supervision to address Information Requirements in Crisis Situations (CRISIS)

CRISIS uses a unique provenance modeling approach to intelligently employ crowds to address sensing and analysis problem for Navy/MEU analysts while incorporating skill assessments and deception detection. We are applying CRISIS to manage skill-based task assignments for analysts using DCGS-N.

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Climatological Observations for Maritime Prediction and Analysis Support Service (COMPASS)

COMPASS creates probabilistic forecasts from differing conditions of average climatology or mission-specific thresholds to improve mission readiness and effectiveness. Integrating COMPASS into current forecasting or mission-planning systems allows operational planners and decision makers to plan missions using more reliable and longer-term weather/climate predictions.

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