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Turning Research into Results Charles River Analytics Showcases Adaptive Intelligent Training and AR/VR Solutions at #IITSEC

Charles River Analytics Inc., developer of intelligent systems solutions, will showcase our applied AI research and development at Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC 2019), the world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training event.

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Held in Orlando, Florida, from December 2-6, I/ITSEC 2019 includes keynotes, tutorials, workshops, an exhibit hall, and a serious games competition. This year’s theme of “Winning the War of Cognition by Pushing Readiness and Lethality Boundaries” emphasizes game-changing AI for national defense and security.

Stop by Booth 1239 to demo our adaptive intelligent training and AR/VR solutions!



Discover Our Adaptive Intelligent Training Tools

Charles River Analytics worked with the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop effective games to revolutionize aircraft maintenance training. AFRL is using MAGPIE, our immersive, augmented-reality learning environment, to turn novice F-15E aircraft avionics technicians into experts. The US Air Force praised our training system as a “virtual solution that could revolutionize aircraft maintenance training.”


Our game-based maintenance training responds to individual learning needs, performance, and instructor guidance

MAGPIE is a powerful software base that can be adapted for diverse applications. For example, on the EAGLE project, we created a just-in-time training tool for US Air Force satellite communications students and deployed personnel. This training is available whenever and wherever a student needs it, providing immersive rehearsal of unfamiliar and complex procedures at a low cost.

DiSTI virtual environment model of Hawkeye III Lite Radar

DiSTI virtual environment model of Hawkeye III Lite Radar

View a brochure of our Adaptive, Intelligent Training Systems

Learn more about our Intelligent Tutoring and Game-Based Training efforts at I/ITSEC 2019.



We worked with the Army Research Laboratory to support natural human interactions in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality environments. Natural interactions are especially important when students need learned muscle memory for physical tasks, such as in combat casualty training.

VIRTUOSO automatically assesses skill proficiency so students can work independently and delivers feedback from expert trainers remotely observing a session.

Because VIRTUOSO gracefully incorporates so many leading commercial control and display peripherals, it spotlights which equipment is best suited to a training task—and can support the equipment available when an individual is ready to train. Simulations that incorporate VIRTUOSO are resilient to future technology advances.


Our free and open-source VIRTUOSO Software Development Kit (VSDK) seamlessly provides natural human interactions into the virtual training experience.

With VSDK’s robust and intuitive tools, developers can consistently design more immersive, resilient, and naturally interactable AR and VR experiences, yielding higher user engagement and more effective training outcomes. With VSDK, you can deliver a more realistic training product.

View a brochure on our Human Interfaces to Training Technology

Visit Booth 1239 to demo VIRTUOSO and see more examples of our Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality efforts at work.


Learn About Our Human Performance Tools

Recently, Charles River Analytics worked with NASA to assess astronaut workload and performance during the testing and evaluation of new NASA systems. We used the measurements from our CAPT PICARD system to determine how best to display health and status on the Orien space vehicle.

CAPT PICARD is built on Sherlock™, our open and extensible software and hardware platform that provides a unified, end-to-end solution. With Sherlock, you can rapidly prototype applications to collect, analyze, visualize, and reason about human physiological, neurological, and behavioral data.


CAPT PICARD can inform astronauts and Mission Control when cognitive performance begins to deteriorate, averting performance-related crises during a space mission

View a brochure on Enhancing Human Performance and Job Readiness


Meet with Us at I/ITSEC

Contact us to schedule a meeting and learn more about the tools and capabilities we will feature at I/ITSEC 2019!

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Charles River Analytics brings foundational research to life, creating human-centered intelligent systems at the edge of what’s possible, through deep partnerships with our customers. 

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