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The Face of Employee Ownership at Charles River Analytics: New England Chapter of the ESOP Association Names David Koelle 2019 Employee Owner of the Year!

Charles River Analytics Inc, developer of intelligent systems solutions, proudly announces that the New England Chapter of the ESOP Association named our Principal Software Engineer, David Koelle, the 2019 Employee Owner of the Year!

David Koelle

David Koelle announced as the 2019 Employee Owner of the Year

David Koelle

“I’m honored to receive the award,” said Koelle. “I am fortunate to work at an excellent employee-owned company with colleagues who value the impact that our corporate culture has on our everyday lives.”

What is so special about employee-owned companies like Charles River Analytics? An employee-stock ownership plan (ESOP) allows employees to own stock and have a voice as an employee owner in their company. The National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) reports that ESOP companies typically benefit both the company and employee, by growing faster in comparison to non-employee owned companies. ESOP employees typically earn 5% to 10% more in base pay than employees in comparable positions and have three times the retirement assets when compared with peers in non-employee-owned companies.

“We spend a lot of time in our work environments,” explained Koelle. “One of the things I love most about Charles River Analytics’ ESOP is the idea of ownership culture — that we have a voice in defining how we want to shape our daily experience, how we can make life great for our colleagues, and how we can get our best work done and be happy about doing it.”

Koelle was nominated for this award based on the efforts he led during his tenure as chair of Charles River’s employee ownership committee, including establishing a Welcome Mentor program for new hires, increasing the frequency of internal product demonstrations, and ensuring that staff remains connected to each other by sharing news about new hires, announcing work anniversaries, and celebrating promotions. During his tenure, Charles River Analytics was recognized by the Boston Business Journal as one of the Best Places to Work in Boston.

Charles River Analytics became an employee-owned company in 2012. This transition set the stage for the next generation of innovation, service, and growth, enabling our employees to take a more active role in the company’s growth and success.

“Charles River is so very proud of, and grateful for, Dave’s efforts on behalf of our ESOP,” said Karen Harper, President and Principal Scientist at Charles River Analytics. “New England ESOP, you could not have made a better choice!”

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