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Solutions to serve
the warfighter

technology to serve the world®

Our scientists are changing the conversation around what’s possible, and our engineers and designers apply their extraordinary talents and creativity to bring these ideas to life.

Core R&D

We’ve spent 40 years finding solutions to impossible problems for the US government. Let us apply the innovations we’ve developed to the problems facing your business.

Commercial Solutions

After developing R&D solutions to increasingly complex and important human-systems challenges, we ensure they are hardened and ready for the battlefield.

Fielded Systems

Our world-class research 

Our world class research revolutionizes the impact of government programs and catalyzes new possibilities in the commercial marketplace

Autonomy and Robotics

Delivering multimodal sensing, perception, and adaptive intelligence for individual and collaborative missions


We find vulnerabilities and protect systems and networks from theft, damage, or disruption of hardware, software, and electronic data.


Developing novel solutions for space, from swarms on the moon to monitoring astronaut cognitive load

Environmental and humanitarian

Transforming healthcare, dramatically improving safety, and evolving environmental solutions


Our research informs strategies for medical training and patient assessment.


We create adaptive, intelligent training tailored to each individual, especially those maintaining complicated systems of systems.

Our People

Our culture of collaboration across disciplines inspires us to break down boundaries and expand the limits of creative thinking. Our scientists and engineers frequently publish the results of their work in academic and industry journals. We are a 100% employee-owned company!

Join our team

Our culture of collaboration across disciplines
Our culture of collaboration across disciplines
Our culture of collaboration across disciplines
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Proud to be an Employee owned business

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Our passion for science and engineering drives
us to find impactful, actionable solutions.