Charles River Analytics Uses Probabilistic Programming to Address Military Logistics Challenges for DARPA

Soldier inspects vehicles to ensure operational readiness

Charles River Analytics developed State Estimation via Asynchronous Probabilistic Inference for Logistics Enterprises (STAPLES) under a $2 million contract awarded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). STAPLES is an instrumental part of DARPA’s LogX program, which enhances how the DoD’s Joint Logistics Enterprise operates in an increasingly contested global security environment. The Joint […]

Scientists Teach Artificial Intelligence Agents to Know Their Own Strengths

Imagine artificial intelligence (AI) as a teammate, working alongside humans in life or death scenarios—transporting critical medical supplies in combat zones, or analyzing medical images to flag those that need closer examination. Scientists at Charles River Analytics aren’t just imagining this—they are working to make it happen, through research on competency-aware machine learning (ML). Like […]

US Navy Awards Charles River Analytics Contract to Improve Understanding of Machine Learning


Charles River Analytics was awarded a $140,000 contract from the US Navy to develop Deep Inference using Strategy Clustering over Embedded Representations (DISCERN). DISCERN is an easy-to-understand, AI-enabled decision aid that helps humans better understand reinforcement learning agents. In reinforcement learning, a programmer trains an AI agent to respond to the surrounding environment. These agents […]