VR Simulation from Charles River Analytics Helps Smokers Quit

During standard treatment, a smoker practices resisting cravings in a group session, or by handling cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia in a clinician’s office. But when a smoker is faced with temptations in the real world (like when a co-worker offers a cigarette after a stressful shift at work), all that practice can drop away. The […]

Charles River Analytics Works with US Army to Create 3D Conference Room for Mission Planning

Charles River Analytics Inc., developer of intelligent systems solutions, has received funding from the US Army to create an advanced research prototype of Virtual Environment Collaboration Tools for Operational Readiness (VECTOR) augmented and virtual reality (XR) system. VECTOR uses synchronized virtual collaboration environments so that dispersed Mission Command personnel can collaboratively plan, rehearse, and execute missions. VECTOR […]

NASA Awards Charles River Analytics Contract to Support Lunar Robot Exploration

ASTER improves swarm autonomy

Charles River Analytics was awarded a ~$125K contract from NASA to give teams of exploration robots the ability to act as an autonomous swarm. Charles River has partnered with Dr. Carlo Pinciroli of Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Novel Engineering for Swarm Technologies (NEST) Lab to support future missions of NASA’s Lunar Exploration Program. As efforts grow […]

Charles River Analytics Executes Contract from the US Navy to Develop a Portable Kayak Survey System

Charles River Analytics was awarded a ~$500K contract from the US Navy to develop an outrigger add-on that will turn any kayak into an autonomous data collection vehicle that measures environmental parameters in shallow coastal environments. These measurements include bathymetry, benthic properties, water column constituents, and hyperspectral radiometry. Currently, these parameters are measured manually using […]

Charles River Analytics Enhances Autonomous UAS Software Portfolio for Environmental Applications

Charles River Analytics was awarded a ~$400K follow-on contract from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to continue development of SOUSAPHONE, a software package that enables uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) swarms to safely conduct semi-autonomous wildlife survey operations. UASs have an important and ever-growing role in support of government, military, commercial, and scientific missions. […]

Charles River Analytics Expands Drone Research for Natural Disaster Relief

Uncrewed aircraft systems using SCOUT algorithms can detect and classify objects in collected images, such as damaged property or flooded rivers.

Charles River Analytics was awarded a ~$500,000 follow-on contract from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to develop Semi-autonomous Capabilities for the Operation of Uncrewed Teams (SCOUT). SCOUT is a package of algorithms, swarm control software, and smart sensors. NOAA’s Weather-Ready Nation initiative aims to reduce the impact of weather, water, and climate events […]

From Inner Space to Outer: The World of Bethany Bracken

Bethany Bracken

As a Principal Scientist at Charles River Analytics, Bethany leads a team of researchers and engineers who specialize in neurophysiological sensing methods that assess human states and predict performance deficits. Although she didn’t follow a brain-based approach at first, she was always interested in exploring the human experience, choosing to major in Psychology at Clarion […]

Charles River Analytics Selected to Lead Team on Breakthrough Research in Protective Biosystems


Charles River Analytics announced it was awarded a contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to lead a team of research organizations seeking to develop a novel biosystem solution to protect warfighters from chemical and biological threats. The five-year, $16M contract will focus on neutralizing threats at vulnerable internal tissue barriers (including skin, […]

Charles River Analytics Uses Probabilistic Programming to Address Military Logistics Challenges for DARPA

Soldier inspects vehicles to ensure operational readiness

Charles River Analytics developed State Estimation via Asynchronous Probabilistic Inference for Logistics Enterprises (STAPLES) under a $2 million contract awarded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). STAPLES is an instrumental part of DARPA’s LogX program, which enhances how the DoD’s Joint Logistics Enterprise operates in an increasingly contested global security environment. The Joint […]

Scientists Teach Artificial Intelligence Agents to Know Their Own Strengths

Imagine artificial intelligence (AI) as a teammate, working alongside humans in life or death scenarios—transporting critical medical supplies in combat zones, or analyzing medical images to flag those that need closer examination. Scientists at Charles River Analytics aren’t just imagining this—they are working to make it happen, through research on competency-aware machine learning (ML). Like […]

Charles River Analytics Receives Follow-On Contract for Naval Detection of Marine Mammals

Image of NEMO

Charles River Analytics was awarded a ~$1.5 million follow-on contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a multi-sensor fusion module that incorporates deep learning to autonomously and accurately detect whales and other aquatic mammals. To protect marine mammals from collisions and sonar exposure, sailors must keep a vigilant lookout. Operators of […]

The Trajectory of Jeff Druce

Jeff Druce

Jeff Druce, Ph.D., is the Principal Investigator for a variety of artificial intelligence programs at Charles River Analytics, including two DARPA-sponsored efforts. For ALPACA (a DARPA CAML program), Dr. Druce leads research on competency awareness in autonomous systems. On the CAMEL project (DARPA XAI), he is developing explanation methods and interfaces for black-box machine learning […]

Charles River Analytics Develops Comms Assessment Tool for US Navy Training Instructors


Charles River Analytics developed Voice Observation for Cross-Platform Communications Assessment and Learning Support (VOCCALS) for the Naval Air Warfare Center. During training, VOCCALS analyzes cross-platform comms against expected skills and behaviors, automatically identifying meaningful events that instructors can use to review and report on communications performance. VOCCALS uses speech recognition and semantic analysis components to […]

US Army Awards Charles River Analytics Additional Funding to Detect and Prevent Cybersecurity Breaches in Military Ground Vehicles


Charles River Analytics was awarded additional funding from the US Army to develop a Controller Area Network Defense in Depth (CANDID) system. CANDID will use advanced anomaly detection techniques to help detect, mitigate, and prevent cybersecurity breaches in military ground vehicles that rely on vulnerable commercial protocols and electronic systems. CANDID also offers benefits to […]

US Navy Awards Charles River Analytics Contract to Bring Intelligent Adaptive Training to Marines

Charles River Analytics was awarded a ~$1 million contract from the US Navy Office of Naval Research to develop Marine Adaptive Schoolhouse Training with eLearning Repetition Technology (MASTERY). MASTERY brings principles of intelligent tutoring and learning sciences to Marine Corps courses, with an adaptation engine that quizzes students as they learn, monitoring knowledge acquisition and […]

US Department of Transportation Taps Charles River Analytics to Develop Hazard Alert Software for Motorcyclists


Charles River Analytics was awarded a contract from the Department of Transportation for ~$250k to continue developing a cloud-based service for Bolstering Awareness with Real-Time Rider Alerting and Cueing for Upcoming Danger Avoidance (BARRACUDA) for motorcyclists. Injury and mortality rates for motorcyclists are significantly higher than for drivers. Potholes and inclement weather that may not […]

Charles River Analytics Launches an Open-Source SDK that Solves Key XR Challenges


VIRTUOSO software development kit (VSDK) streamlines device interoperability and provides a standard framework for building XR interaction Charles River Analytics today announced the release of its VIRTUOSO software development kit (VSDK) for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. VSDK on the Unreal Engine makes it possible for game developers to easily build rich XR content and ensure […]

Charles River Analytics Wins Contract from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to Tag Training Data Using Gaming Techniques


Charles River Analytics won a contract worth approximately $1 million from NGA to continue developing Gamified Analysis Tasks for Heightened Engagement Across Repetitions (GATHER). Analysts at NGA must produce reliable, labeled training data to automate imagery analysis tasks. GATHER’s gamification techniques are designed to help analysts stay motivated and have fun during this important but […]

US Department of Homeland Security Awards Charles River Analytics Contract to Detect Nuclear Threats with Drones


Charles River Analytics was awarded a ~$1M multi-phase contract from the US Department of Homeland Security to develop a system for Monitoring and Inspecting Dirty Nukes Including Generating Heat Maps of Terrain (MIDNIGHT). MIDNIGHT will enable multiple coordinated uncrewed aircraft to survey, detect, and localize nuclear threats in challenging and dynamic public spaces. Charles River […]

US Navy Awards Charles River Analytics Contract to Develop a Real-Time, Distributed Combat System of Systems for Navy Ships

Charles River Analytics was awarded a $140,000 contract from the US Navy to develop a Core Combat Architecture (COCOA). COCOA is a real-time, distributed, platform-agnostic computing framework that will help the Navy coordinate multiple combat systems with diverse sensor and weapons capabilities. Its application program interface (API) will provide developers access to data and communications […]

Charles River Analytics Awarded Additional Funding from the US Army’s Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center to Help Save Lives on the Battlefield


Charles River Analytics was awarded nearly $1M from the US Army to develop Autonomous Ruggedized Combat Casualty Care – Intervention (ARC3-I). ARC3-I is an agent-based algorithm that uses hierarchical representations of interventions to flexibly direct and assist human and robotic caregivers. This direction helps human-robot teams provide life-saving techniques and strategies for trauma care on […]

Helping Medical Personnel Prepare for the Worst: Mass Casualty Events in Austere Environments

Personnel in civilian health systems and in deployed military settings must be prepared for the worst-case scenario: mass casualty incidents, in which extreme numbers of critically injured people overwhelm available resources. Responding to these events is complicated and resource-intensive; an elaborate combination of medical personnel and other responders work in synchrony, often with little preparation, […]