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Scientists Present Research at 2005 International Conference on Intelligence Analysis

Scientists from Charles River Analytics presented a paper at the 2005 International Conference on Intelligence Analysis that took place on May 2-6, 2005 in McLean, Virginia. This conference “aims to report fundamental, novel, and operationally significant advances in the art of intelligence analysis and the associated science and technology support from national, military, academic and competitive intelligence communities” (Conference Web site). It is sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production.

Jonathan Pfautz, Senior Scientist, presented a paper authored by he and his colleagues entitled, “Supporting Reasoning about Cultural and Organizational Influences in an Intelligence Analysis Decision Aid.”

From the abstract:
“For commanders to maintain an edge in anticipating adversary decisions and actions, improvements must be made in developing and fielding tools to support the intelligent analyst’s ability to reason about human and organizational behavior. To address this need, we have developed a prototype analyst decision aid that explicitly incorporates organizational and cultural influences into a system for understanding and predicting possible adversarial behavior.”

About Dr. Pfautz: Dr. Jonathan D. Pfautz is a Senior Scientist at Charles River Analytics and a Research Affiliate at M.I.T.’s Research Lab of Electronics. Dr. Pfautz’s major research interests are focused on decision-support systems, particularly systems that support reasoning about cultural and organizational influences on individual and group behavior. He is also interested in human-computer interfaces, visualization, human visual perception, and virtual environment and simulator technology. He is currently leading a number of projects focused on social network analysis and the visualization of social network information. He is also a primary contributor to a current effort to develop an intelligence operations decision-aiding system based on the knowledge of the target’s personality, affective characteristics, cognitive style, and group affiliation. Dr. Pfautz is also currently working on projects to understand and display qualified information, or meta-information, and is supporting research into the application of Bayesian reasoning techniques to a variety of domains.

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