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Scientists from Charles River Analytics Present Techniques on Eliciting Information at CMC2006

Discussion on Using Formalized Concept Maps to Model Role-Based Workflows

Scientists from Charles River Analytics discussed “Using Formalized Concept Maps to Model Role-Based Workflows”, a full paper presented at the 2nd Concept Modelling Conference (CMC 2006). The conference took place in San Jose, Costa Rica, from September 5-8, 2006.

Dr. Alexander Feinman, a senior scientist at Charles River Analytics Inc., presented techniques for incrementally eliciting information from domain experts. Dr. Feinman explained, “Beginning with presenting the expert with an easy-to-understand paradigm, namely, concept mapping, this knowledge elicitation subsystem attempts to gradually formalize the free-form information presented by the expert into a structured format that can be parsed into a computer model of domain information.”

The subsystem Dr. Feinman refers to is a part of TREK, Charles River Analytics’ Java-based toolkit for role-aware exchange of knowledge. TREK provides role-centric information management capabilities, as well as a real-time role assignment component.

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