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Scientists at the 8th International Conference on Information Fusion

Scientists from Charles River Analytics participated in the 8th International Conference on Information Fusion, which took place in Philadelphia from July 25-29, 2005. Information Fusion 2005 is the world’s premiere conference on information fusion for industry, academia, and defense organizations. The goal of the conference is “to advance the profession of FUSION technologies, propose approaches for solving real-world information fusion problems, recognize emerging technologies and foster information transfer.”

Dr. Subrata Das, Chief Scientist at Charles River Analytics, was a member of the technical panel on higher-level fusion and also chaired technical sessions. Dr. Das presented a position paper, “Situation Assessment in Urban Combat Environments,” at the invited panel on Issues and Challenges of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Methods in Situation Assessment (Level 2 Fusion).

Dr. Das also delivered a two-part tutorial at the conference entitled “An Integrated Approach to Data Fusion and Decision Support.” His tutorial was divided into two parts, Situation Assessment and Response Recommendations. It focused on a “detailed understanding of both the cutting-edge and the most commonly used technologies for low-level (level 1) data fusion, situation assessment (level 2 fusion), and the associated generation of appropriate response recommendations for decision support.”

Dr. Das and his colleagues, Josh Introne and Dave Lawless, also presented the following four papers at the conference:

  • Factored Particle Filtering for Situation Assessment in Urban Environments
  • Symbolic Argumentation for Decision Making under Uncertainty
  • Truth Maintenance System with Probabilistic Constraints for Enhanced Level Two Fusion
  • Early Detection of Bioterrorism via Higher Level Fusion

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