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SPICEs: Survey Papers as Interactive Cheat-sheet Embeddings

Prabhu, V.1, McAteer, M.2, Teehan, R.3 Rethinking ML Papers – ICLR 2021 Workshop Papers are hard to write. Survey papers are just that much harder. From the authors’ perspective, challenges include the responsibility to not erase out important work being done

Developing an Adaptive Framework to Support Intelligence Analysis

McDermott, A.1, Veinott, E.2, Eusebi, L.1, Whitaker, E.3, Trewhitt, E.3, Mueller, S.2, Illingworth, D.4, Thomas, R.3, Dougherty, M.4, Guarino, S.1 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 2021 An essential component to intelligence analysis is inferring an

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