Immersive Space Operations Training in Extended Reality

Daniel Stouch, Sean Guarino, Dan Duggan, Susan Latiff, Robert Hyland, Kimberly Brady Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), Orlando, Florida (29 November 2023)  The training of next-generation space operators for both commercial and military capabilities relies largely on analog physical models and PowerPoint lectures. Consequently, new operators do not often fully grasp the fundamentals […]

Toward Intuitive Understanding of Complex Astrodynamics Using Distributed Augmented Reality

Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference (AMOS),  Maui, HI (September 2021) Stouch, D., Balasuriya, U., Hyland, R., Bird, L., Jenkins, M., and Kingsley, C. Existing capabilities and future possibilities can help multiple users build an intuitive understanding of complex astrodynamics in a collaborative real time virtual environment using an augmented reality (AR) space […]

Increased Space Situational Awareness through Augmented Reality Enhanced Common Operating Pictures

Jenkins, M., Catto, G., and Bird, L. Presented at the Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference (AMOS), Wailea, HI (September 2018) Support for space situational awareness (SSA) is required to enable military commanders and space operations center operators to maintain an advantage over our adversaries in the space enterprise. Well-designed visualization and human-computer […]

An Integrated Threat-based Approach to Intuitive Space Battle Management Understanding

Stouch, D., Jenkins, M., McCaffrey, J., and Catto, G. Air Force Research Laboratory Space Situational Awareness Conference, Kihei, HI (September 2018) To effectively conduct battle management command and control (BMC2) in space, operators need to understand the space environment well beyond what is required for traffic management that predicts potential conjunctions. Operators need to know […]

Enhanced SSA Threat Analytics based on Probabilistic Reasoning

Stouch, D., Freedman, S., Ruttenberg, B., and Gorman, J. AFRL Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Conference, Kihei, Hawaii (September 2016). For More Information To learn more or request a copy of a paper (if available), contact Daniel Stouch. (Please include your name, address, organization, and the paper reference. Requests without this information will not be honored.)

An Unobtrusive System to Measure, Assess, and Predict Cognitive Workload

Bracken, B., Farry, M., Jenkins, M., and Monnier, C. Oral presentation at the Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Conference, Maui, Hawaii (September 2015) Complex, computational capabilities are required for tracking, characterizing, and cataloging objects in space. However, the improved real-time highly-detailed space situational awareness (SSA) capabilities that the Air Force is trying to […]

Reasoning on Resident Space Object Hierarchies Using Probabilistic Programming

Ruttenberg1, B., Wilkins2, M., and Pfeffer1, A. Presented at the International Conference on Information Fusion, Washington, DC (July 2015) Hierarchical representations are common in many artificial intelligence tasks, such as classification of satellites in orbit. Representing and reasoning on hierarchies is difficult, however, as they can be large, deep and constantly evolving. Although probabilistic programming provides […]

Maps, Space-time Cubes, and Meta-Information for Under-standing Path Information: A Comparative Analysis

Bisantz, A.1, D’Arcy, J.1, Kerker, D.1, Hegde, S.1, Guan, P.1, Voshell, M.2, and Kilgore, R.2 The 58th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Chicago, IL (October 2014) Two experiments were conducted to investigate the usefulness of different geospatial representations in interpreting paths and activities of individuals moving through a complex spatial environment. […]