Mixed Initiative Planning and Control Under Uncertainty

Adams, M., Hall, W., Hanson, M., Zacharias, G., McEneaney, W., and Fitzpatrick, B. Proceedings of the 1st AIAA Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles, Systems, Technologies, and Operations Conference and Workshop, Portsmouth, VA (May, 2002) A hierarchical architecture is developed to provide closed-loop, mixed initiative planning and control for distributed force teams of unmanned air vehicles in an […]

Sign Detection for Autonomous Navigation

Goodsell, T., Snorrason, M., Stevens, M. R., Cartwright, D., Stube, B., and Ablavsky, V. Proceedings of SPIE, Volume 5083, AeroSense, Orlando, FL (April 2003) For More Information To learn more or request a copy of a paper (if available), contact info@cra.com. (Please include your name, address, organization, and the paper reference. Requests without this information will […]