An informatics tool for securely acquiring,
querying, analyzing, and visualizing patient data

An informatics tool for securely acquiring, querying, analyzing, and visualizing patient data

Wearable Health Informatics Platform for Extensible Research (WHISPER)

WHISPER is an informatics tool for securely acquiring, querying, analyzing, and visualizing patient data. It integrates and harmonizes data from multiple wearable devices to measure cancer and symptom progression. WHISPER  supports large-scale cancer research and improves health outcomes in cancer populations.

An overview of the WHISPER data management platform. WHISPER provides extensible support for wearable and mobile devices to gather information about health and behavior during cancer survivorship. Researchers can use WHISPER to streamline their population health studies and synthesize data across devices, participants, and studies.

We are excited to partner with Tozny LLC to incorporate their effective, flexible tools for securely gathering and managing sensitive health information. We are also fortunate to continue working with experts at the University of Washington in the Department of Family Medicine, who are delivering vital expertise in population health research, clinical data informatics, and patient-centered cancer care.

Aaron Winder,
Neuroscientist and WHISPER Principal Investigator at Charles River

WHISPER is compatible with smart watches and monitors, and boasts HIPAA-compliant data acquisition, transmission, storage, and retrieval.

There is an increasing trend toward out-of-clinic research and patient assessment using passive, continuously measured data streams to measure cancer and symptom progression. This trend incorporates a growing number of wearables, which provide easy-to-use, clinically useful measures.

For this massive amount of data to be valuable, researchers also need scalable informatics tools that support data aggregation and integration across devices and manufacturers. Charles River Analytics has been developing tools that enable cancer survivors and their care teams to easily gather data outside the clinic.

Illustration of a man running with with an app tracking Hear Rate, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Sleep, flowing into TozStore and out to TozID. On the opposite side flowing left are two people analyzing the code back into TozID and TozStore
TozStore’s and TozID’s combined end-to-end encrypted data management and sophisticated identity and access management protocols ensure patient data is kept private and secure. (Image courtesy of Tozny)

Tozny’s privacy and security technologies provide critical protection for user data and private information over the entire data lifecycle. In support of this effort for the National Cancer Institute, Tozny’s TozStore provides end-to-end data security and privacy using strong encryption to protect sensitive user information and data. TozID facilitates encryption-backed identity management to easily and securely manage private data in health studies and human subject research data collection. Tozny’s platform provides the means to securely manage access to collected research data and analysis methods—including no-human-in-the-loop methods for analysis of sensitive information.

“The promise of large-scale data analytics to improve health outcomes is an exciting advancement,” said Isaac Potoczny-Jones, Tozny’s founder and CEO. “Sensitive health data from our mobile devices must be managed to the highest security and privacy standards. Tozny is thrilled to once again collaborate with Charles River Analytics to bring our innovative and proven encryption and privacy technologies to bear in protecting people and their data. End-to-end encryption and identity management let us strictly control private data while providing access to researchers for their analytics algorithms.”

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This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. 75N91020C00041.

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