A system for understanding risks and vulnerabilities in
the pharmaceutical supply chain

A system for understanding risks and vulnerabilities in the pharmaceutical supply chain

Probabilistic Reasoning on Supply Chain Readiness of International Pharmaceuticals using Trade Information (PRESCRIPTION)

PRESCRIPTION pulls together information from global trade networks, including potential disruptors to the supply chain, such as political turmoil or natural disasters; and pharmaceutical drug data, including raw materials and the country of origin. PRESCRIPTION displays this complex data in a simple dashboard visualization that allows users to quickly identify problems in the chain, such as an inaccessible road, and access information to address gaps, such as traveling a different route.

PRESCRIPTION helps analysts understand risks and vulnerabilities in the pharmaceutical supply chain

It goes without saying that improving the availability of critical supplies during healthcare emergencies can save the lives of military personnel and their families.

Rebecca Dornin,
Senior Software Engineer at Charles River

Dr. Alexis Bateman, Principal at SustainChain and Director at MIT Sustainable Supply Chains, is collaborating with Charles River on the PRESCRIPTION effort. Dr. Bateman will provide extensive expertise in mapping global supply chains for industrial partners, public agencies, global governance organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

PRESCRIPTION uses Charles River’s open-source probabilistic programming language, Figaro, a robust language that includes class structures for capturing dynamic probabilistic networks, and a library of inference and machine learning algorithms for inferring missing constructs within those networks. Figaro makes performing inference on the network structure of the supply chain a tractable problem.

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