A system to formalize course-of-action (COA) modeling

Probabilistic COA Reasoner Enhanced by Meta Reinforcement Learning (PERCIVAL-MERLIN)

Under PERCIVAL-MERLIN, we are conducting research to formalize course-of-action (COA) modeling in a novel way that allows commanders and analysts to encode realistic and high performing friendly and enemy COAs in both a human-understandable and computationally defined format.

Potential adversary actions are predicted using a unique reinforcement learning approach within AI agents and presented to commanders in a way that's easy to understand

The PERCIVAL-MERLIN system uses this new method to rapidly generate and evaluate candidate friendly and adversary COAs, accurately predicting adversary COAs and delivering the results in a way that makes it easy for commanders to make decisions regarding mission planning, re-planning, and execution.

PERCIVAL-MERLIN uses Charles River’s Neural Program Policies, a novel approach to reinforcement learning, to construct artificially intelligent agent models.

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