An application that applies machine learning to medical imagery

Neurological Planning with Robust Eloquent Area Delineation from Individualized Connectivity-Based Techniques (NeuroPREDICT)

Overview of NeuroPREDICT's data processing and machine learning pipeline

NeuroPREDICT is a software application that applies machine learning to medical imagery, enabling brain mapping of neurosurgical patients before surgery.

NeuroPREDICT will increase the accuracy of emerging brain-mapping techniques by using machine learning approaches to predict patients’ functional brain activation patterns from resting state data. 

NeuroPREDICT expands the applicability of pre-surgical brain mapping to more patients by eliminating the need to perform invasive, time-consuming, and technically demanding procedures before surgery.

“This application sits at the crossroads of medical imaging, medical software development, and advanced applied machine learning. It has the potential to revolutionize pre-surgical brain mapping, making it cheaper, faster, and accessible to more patients, ultimately improving the outcomes of brain surgery and reducing post-operative deficits.”

Dr. Sean Tobyne,
Physiological Systems Scientist at Charles River Analytics

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