Behavior modeling to understand and prevent adversarial activity

Behavior modeling to understand and prevent adversarial activity

Modeling of Cyber Behaviors to Wargame and Assess Risk (MOC-WAR)

MOC-WAR helps cyber defenders proactively adapt defenses by modeling adversary sociocultural behaviors, motivations, and biases. Our hybrid approach combines the strengths of various computational models and makes up for their weaknesses to enable advanced intelligence analysis.

Understanding the behaviors and limitations of cyber adversaries can enable security agents to not only reduce the nodes they must protect but also proactively exploit attacker weaknesses and biases.

US Fleet Cyber Command
U.S. Fleet Cyber Command /U.S. TENTH Fleet

MOC-WAR stands on three foundations:

  • A modeling framework that provides flexible and extensible models for representing cyber behaviors
  • A simulation-based wargaming capability to evaluate the range of possible adversary behaviors and outcomes
  • Tools to help understand possible adversary behaviors and the defensive measures needed to drive more favorable outcomes

The cost-effective MOC-WAR solution seamlessly integrates into commercial tools already favored by analysts and defenders. Equally as important, it enables users without modeling experience to build effective behavior models. MOC-WAR incorporates a Futures Analyzer that explores possible outcomes of behaviors, and a course-of-action explorer that shows the most likely, most threatening, and most beneficial behavioral sequences.

Using MOC-WAR, analysts will be able to drive novel and proactive cyber defenses. MOC-WAR makes existing cyber-defense tools in an organization’s arsenal more proactive. In the commercial sector, MOC-WAR is particularly relevant to managed security service providers (MSSPs), who test and evaluate cyber defenses. They can use MOC-WAR to explore potential attacks and to defend against true cyber adversaries.

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