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The future of effective
military electronics training

The MAGPIE Framework, now called KWYN Engine, is an advanced training platform that guides students in highly interactive virtual environments, enabling realistic experiences with electronics and maintenance procedures. The platform uses modeling and simulation to create digital twins of machines, allowing students to learn, practice, and test their skills. KWYN Engine bridges classroom instruction and hands-on experience, saving time and fast-tracking mission readiness.

Efficient instruction and deeper learning

When instructors use the KWYN Engine,
their students learn more in less time.

Efficient instruction is crucial, especially when technical orders comprise tens of thousands of steps, job sites are based in precarious environments, and specialized equipment requires niche expertise. During a formal course evaluation at Shepherd Air Force Base, for example, students completed a course in 12 hours through the KWYN Engine that previously took 24 hours with traditional instruction. In other words, students learned the same material in half the time, and instructors saved 50% of instruction time. Now that Shepherd Air Force Base has adopted the KWYN Engine, the instructors report that thousands of students who use it each year demonstrate a deeper knowledge of the theory, material, and aircraft systems.

The KWYN Engine supports several instances:

KWYN MAGPIE for F-15E avionics maintenance is in active use with the 365th Training Squadron, at the Sheppard Air Force Base.
Check out KWYN MAGPIE in action.

KWYN EAGLE for satellite ground station troubleshooting is a development prototype to train the Hawkeye III Lite for the 338th Training Squadron at Keesler Air Force Base.
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KWYN Weaver for high-risk career field training is a development prototype to train the Altec DM47 Derrick Digger for the 364th Training Squadron at Sheppard Air Force Base that enables the safe practice of high-risk procedures and models environmental stressors to emulate the complex and high-risk challenges of construction sites.
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KWYN VMT UH-72 Helicopter Maintenance Training, which models large-scale, complex maintenance procedures and uses a robust error-tracking framework to analyze user performance and determine when errors occur. It is actively used at The Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site in Marana, Arizona.
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Key features and benefits

  • Responsive to individual learning needs
  • Provides real-time performance assessments and immediate feedback
  • Instructional classroom management tool
  • Available 24/7 for training when needed
  • Immersive course material keeps students engaged
  • Adaptive training backed by artificial intelligence and 3D modeling

Inside the KWYN ENGINE

KWYN Engine combines virtual 3D interactive models and simulations, efficient content-authoring tools, dynamic performance assessment models, and classroom management tools.

Currently, students work through their course material together in a classroom under the supervision of an instructor. But instead of listening to a lecture or reading a static textbook, with KWYN Engine they can practice with a virtual model of the equipment they will eventually maintain in the field. Students remain actively engaged with the course material as the framework makes technical orders come alive.

Through trial and error, students gain a deeper understanding of the steps in each technical order, so they comprehend how and why to do the procedure. Students can make mistakes in a low-risk environment that wouldn’t be possible outside the classroom.

The platform adapts feedback to student learning needs and provides reporting features to better understand training outcomes. As students practice executing technical orders, KWYN Engine calculates their missteps and errors along the way. If students get stuck, they can use hints or call the instructor for assistance. Meanwhile, the instructor monitors the students’ performance by watching their progress and evaluation scorecards on a streamlined dashboard.

In the end, an after-action review shows how long the procedure took, the mistakes each student made, and the number of hints they needed. Instructors who use training based on KWYN Engine have reported that when students get outside the classroom for hands-on practice, they are already familiar with the equipment and procedures, needing less time to get oriented.

The project is sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) under contract FA8650-14-C-6506.

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More efficient training

At Charles River Analytics, we develop training solutions with high quality and valuable results in mind. We consider user needs and customize solutions to optimize training and make it as efficient as possible. You get evidence-based adaptive solutions when the KWYN platform supports your training program.

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