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Gamified Analysis Tasks for Heightened Engagement Across Repetitions (GATHER)

Analysts at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency must produce reliable, labeled training data to automate imagery analysis tasks. GATHER’s gamification techniques are designed to help analysts stay motivated and have fun during this important but often tedious work.

GATHER uses gamification to help analysts stay focused when labeling training data for automation

“GATHER makes it more exciting for analysts to prepare the labeled data needed to train automation algorithms. Its flexible game framework lets analysts use the existing tools they’re familiar with, giving them adaptive nudges, hints, and rewards as they work, which helps them stay engaged during this tedious task.”

Leonard Eusebi
Principal Investigator and Senior Scientist at Charles River

During the initial phase of GATHER, Charles River Analytics developed a survival-crafting game, At the Map’s Edge, which tells an engaging story around gamified analysis tasks, motivating analysts to perform high-quality efficient image content extraction. The second phase of this work will determine how well GATHER can increase the speed and effectiveness of training data generation.

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