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Principal Software Engineer at Charles River Analytics Co-Authors Book on Practical XMPP

David Koelle, Principal Software Engineer at Charles River Analytics, has co-authored Practical XMPP, available from Packt Publishing. The book guides readers through the development and deployment of services that use the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), formerly known as the Jabber protocol. XMPP is a set of standards that underlies many of the chat and communication applications in use today. The book demonstrates how to develop XMPP servers, components, and clients, and it includes code samples using XMPP For The Web (XMPP-FTW), an open source project that simplifies web-based XMPP deployments.

“XMPP is about so much more than chat, which is its most common use case,” said Koelle. “XMPP is an open standard, with scalability and security built in. It provides an excellent foundation for projects that need to share any data in real-time. This book provides a clear introduction to the standard, and walks readers through creating sample programs that serve as the basis for real-world applications.”

Koelle’s experience with XMPP was originally developed at Charles River Analytics as he developed solutions for our customers that facilitated shared situational awareness and decision making across distant teams. XMPP has a bright future ahead of it and is now being applied to the Internet of Things (IoT), new applications for multi-user chat, universal plug and play, and real-time communications via WebRTC.

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