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President of Charles River Analytics Serves on Panel to Help Define NASA Technology Roadmap

The president of Charles River Analytics, a developer of intelligent system solutions, was invited to serve on a panel to help define the NASA Technology Roadmap for Instruments and Computing. Dr. Greg Zacharias gave a presentation on simulation-based systems engineering during the National Research Council (NRC) Workshop on NASA Technologies for Modeling, Simulation, and Information Systems and Processing, which took place on May 10, 2011, in Washington, DC.

During the presentation, Dr. Zacharias explained, “Systems engineering is a very human-intensive process, often conducted with very informal and implied specifications and requirements. The technical challenge of automating the process is getting computers to think more like humans or getting human concepts into machine-readable forms. This capability would be game changing. Another game changer that could fill a potential gap in the roadmap is improved modeling of human operators in simulations. Full end-to-end systems modeling—the concept of the “digital twin”—requires human operator modeling at the right level of perceptual/cognitive/motor fidelity. This also ties in with the need to improve multi-resolution modeling and simulations of systems (including human operators) at the right level of resolution and fidelity.”

Charles River has a long history of modeling human behavior in large scale simulations, developing improved human-system interfaces, and supporting many of NASA’s R&D efforts in both aeronautics and space.

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