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Panelists for “Participatory Web: Sub Cultures Transforming Society” include (from left to right): Professor Noshir Contractor, Dr. Susan Stucky, Mr. Brian Haven, and Dr. Greg Zacharias

President of Charles River Analytics Serves as Panel Chair to Explain and Explore the “Participatory Web” at First Annual Cyber Awareness Summit

Dr. Greg Zacharias, President and Senior Principal Scientist at Charles River Analytics, led a panel discussion at the Cyber Innovation Center’s first Cyber Awareness Summit (CAS), which took place October 7-9, 2008, at the Shreveport Convention Center in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Over 750 cyberspace community representatives from industry, government, and academia participated in the summit, which focused on the impact cyberspace has on our daily lives, particularly the social implications. Dr. Zacharias led the panel discussion entitled, “Participatory Web: Sub Cultures Transforming Society.” Panelists included:

  • Mr. Lee Byron, Interaction Designer at Facebook. Mr. Byron provided – via an interactive video – an overview of how millennials use and participate in the many emerging Web technologies and services, in the course of their everyday lives, and how these behaviors and expectations might be used effectively by the Air Force, especially with its new focus on Cyberspace.
  • Mr. Brian Haven, former Web 2.0 Research Strategist at Forrester Research. Mr. Haven described how these same millennials bring fundamentally different expectations to the workforce in the areas of collaboration, transparency, and accessibility to tools, and how corporations need a philosophical shift to more openness in dialogs with customers, employees, partners, and suppliers, if they are to take full advantage of the Web 2.0 platform.
  • Professor Noshir Contractor, Professor of Behavioral Sciences in the School of Engineering, School of Communication, and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Professor Contractor described some of the key factors that lead to the formation, maintenance, and dissolution of dynamically linked social and knowledge networks in communities.
  • Dr. Susan Stucky, Manager of Service Design at the IBM Almaden Research Center. Dr. Stucky discussed how IBM is using Virtual Worlds – particularly Second Life – to explore new ways of remote collaboration, information gathering and management, scenario-based training, and, for client services, engagement practice and rehearsal.
  • Dr. Greg Zacharias, President and Senior Principal Scientist of Charles River. Dr. Zacharias provided an overview of the “Six C’s” which define the fundamentals of the Participatory Web: Creating, Connecting, Collaborating, Critiquing, Cataloging, and Consuming, illustrating these fundamentals with example sites, and explaining how these “morph” over time with changing participant needs, via “co-design” of the participatory interaction experience.


A follow-up question and answer session with the audience explored a number of potential general futures for the society at large, as well as sp

ecific implications for the Air Force’s assimilation of digital natives into the Cyberspace Command.

Dr. Zacharias said, “It was an exhilarating experience to work with such a distinguished panel of experts, folks who are extremely knowledgeable in their areas, and willing to share their insights into what we can expect to see in terms of new technologies, individual behaviors, and social trends enabled by the Participatory Web.”




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