The employees of Charles River Analytics offer a unique mix of scientific and technical backgrounds.

Research and Software Development Staff

Our scientists and engineers have backgrounds in:

  • Computer Science
  • Cognitive Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • and other related fields

Some of our most successful scientists and engineers have backgrounds both inside and outside the fields of artificial intelligence, including degrees in mechanical engineering, physics, astronomy, classics, and other diverse areas of study.

Research Staff Degrees


Software Developers Years of Experience

OVER 10 yrs.
5-10 yrs
UP TO 5 yrs


People/ We value great people. We want to attract and work with the smartest, most creative, self-motivated, fun, honest, visionary people around who can work well together to solve really challenging, important problems. We value people who can combine exceptional individual traits with excellent social and team skills, who have a passion to succeed in an environment that supports cross-disciplinary approaches and rewards team success.

Place/ We value a great company culture and environment. We want to maintain and grow an environment that not only fosters individual excellence, but also drives creative collaboration in pursuit of team efforts. We want our leadership focused on what brings out the best in individuals and teams, setting meaningful goals, minimizing bureaucracy, and encouraging lifelong learning across the company. We value a company that provides the infrastructure for success, and an environment that ensures an excellent overall quality of life.

Purpose/ We value doing important, visionary work, doing it better than anyone else, and making our customers and users happy. We want to be addressing important human-systems challenges and creating innovative R&D solutions that we’re proud to look back on. We want to be recognized by our customers and those that use our products as an industry leader and a great company with which to do business.

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