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MSTAT presents virtual patients in various scenarios so users can practice and receive immediate feedback.

Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium Awards Charles River Analytics Contract to Expand Trauma Assessment Training Tool to Mobile Platform

Charles River Analytics was awarded a $957,000 contract from the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium for a project called MSTAT, Mobile System for Trauma Assessment Training. MSTAT presents an opportunity for Charles River to transform its medical training capabilities into a commercial product, one that lets users practice medical assessment and treatment skills within unlimited scenarios and receive feedback and guidance in the form of best-practice notes.

Correct and quick application of trauma assessment skills can save lives. Prior projects (STAT and VITAMMINS) resulted in a tablet-based application that allows users to engage in simulation-based training for trauma assessment, taking actions on a virtual patient to find and treat injuries. MSTAT will update this application for use on mobile phones, expanding the ability to practice critical skills during downtime.

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