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Innovation for Human Excellence: Charles River Analytics to Demo AI Tech at IMSH 2019

Charles River Analytics Inc., developer of intelligent systems solutions, will showcase our adaptive training, human performance, and advanced human interface solutions at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) from January 26-30, 2019, in San Antonio, TX. The theme of IMSH 2019 is “Redefining and Redesigning Healthcare Powered by Simulation.”

Learn more about how we translate new AI ideas into actionable solutions by viewing our demonstrations and meeting with us at booth #333 at IMSH 2019!

 Innovation for Human Excellence

Welcome, IMSH attendees!

Visit us at Booth #333!

Charles River Analytics is an Employee-Owned Small Business, focused on applied Artificial Intelligence research and development for DoD, Healthcare, and Industry applications. Our clients are a “who’s who” of government and industry. The original focus of our business was working with the Department of Defense, and we continue to enjoy ongoing relationships supporting DoD, Army, Air Force, and Navy organizations. Today, our relationships with clients throughout government and industry enable us to bring best-in-class research and ideas to the projects we undertake for our customers.

We work with our clients to translate new ideas and research into actionable solutions to the opportunities most important to their success. Charles River Analytics has a solid track record of success in providing our clients with AI systems, technology, software tools, and design and analytic services in a variety of settings. In recent years, we have worked defense, intelligence, medical technology and health care, training, transportation, space, cyber security, and more.

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Human Interfaces to Training Technology

VIRTUOSOAdvances in training technology are exciting—it’s tempting to invest right away. However, if you don’t first assess the impact of the technology on training transfer, new technology can provide little benefit… or worse, it can interfere with learning and reduce performance.

By observing, analyzing, and measuring trainee and trainer decision making and behaviors, our scientists and engineers design intuitive, multi-modal interfaces that are empirically measured to effectively transfer knowledge to trainees and build their skills.

View a brochure featuring our human interfaces to training technology or pick up a copy at our booth.

Our Solutions in Action

VIRTUOSO is an interface to support natural human interactions in mixed reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality (MR/VR/AR) environments. Trainees can work independently because VIRTUOSO automatically assesses skill proficiency, but they can also receive feedback from expert trainers remotely observing their sessions. VIRTUOSO can significantly improve military medical training and education, such as combat casualty training.

VIRTUOSO is planned for Open-Source release in 2019.

View more examples of our Mixed Reality/Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality efforts.

Adaptive Training

STATEven in standalone part-task or computer-based training, the time that trainees engage with the system is the most expensive element of your training investment. These costs escalate as your organization leverages distributed, simulation-based training.  Charles River Analytics develops adaptive and cost-effective training solutions that ensure trainees stay engaged and achieve the desired transfer of skills and knowledge.

View a brochure featuring our adaptive training capabilities or pick one up at our booth.

Our Solutions in Action

Charles River Analytics worked with the Air Force to develop Character™, a screen-based simulator and adaptive tutor for rehearsing key decision-making skills in the initial trauma assessment. Character is designed to bridge the gap between book learning and expensive, hard to schedule simlab time by giving learners the “mental reps” on the cognitive skills of trauma assessment. Learners arrive knowing what to do, and can focus on how to execute procedures in a realistic team environment.

View more examples of our Intelligent Tutoring and Game-Based Training efforts.


Human Performance Monitoring, Planning, and Management

CAPT PICARDWhen personnel from your training program are selected by leaders to work in high-stress jobs, everyone involved needs to know that your personnel are ready to perform. Our scientists and engineers have specifically developed processes, software, and hardware to measure and evaluate how well a trainee will perform when facing the pressures that occur in their job environment.

View a brochure featuring our human performance monitoring, planning, and management capabilities or pick up one at our booth.

Our Solutions in Action

Charles River Analytics worked closely with NASA to assess and measure astronaut workload and performance. We applied our proprietary tools, software, and hardware systems to measure cognitive workload of subjects undergoing training and individuals on the job. From this data, we evaluated new tools and systems being developed to assist astronauts in carrying out mission objectives. The measurement system (CAPT PICARD) can also be deployed during space missions to inform astronauts and Mission Control when performance begins to deteriorate, so they can take action before a crisis occurs.

CAPT PICARD uses Sherlock™, Charles River’s open and extensible software and hardware platform that provides a unified, end-to-end solution. With Sherlock, you can rapidly prototype applications to collect, analyze, visualize, and reason about human physiological, neurological, and behavioral data.

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Solutions to serve the warfighter, technology to serve the world®

Charles River Analytics brings foundational research to life, creating human-centered intelligent systems at the edge of what’s possible, through deep partnerships with our customers. 

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